Doin’ It For The Halibut: Fishing Tips For New Anglers

Halibut are not necessarily the easiest fish to catch, but because they're quite large, you only need to catch a few of them to feel justified in spending time out on the water. For that reason, halibut are a suitable fish for new anglers to target. You may, however, want to rely on some of these tips to help you catch more halibut as a new angler.

Anchor Your Boat

Fishing out on the water is the best way to catch halibut since they prefer to take their time out in deeper waters. These fish also tend to "come to you" and may scatter if there's a lot of movement in the water. So, when you're out on the water, anchor your boat. Consider chumming the water, too. The scent of the chum is likely to draw the halibut over to your boat, where you'll then be able to catch them.

Use Slices of Fish as Bait

Some fish are more likely to grab whole, small fish. But halibut are really scent-sensitive, and whole fish don't give off nearly as much scent as slices of fish. As such, you should stock up on fresh fish and slice it before your fishing trip. Store it on ice to keep it fresh while you're waiting to use it as bait. Some fish that work well to bait halibut include herring and salmon.

Take Your Time When Reeling It In

So often, an angler will catch a halibut. The fish will seem easy to reel in at first, and so the angler will really go at it. But then the fish catches on, gets defensive, and starts fighting, making the angler's job so much harder. You can therefore make things easier on yourself by reeling the fish in really easy from the start. This way, you are more likely to avoid really spooking or startling the fish, which would make them harder to reel in.

Fish With New Hooks

Halibut, like many larger fish, have a really tough upper palate. As such, you need a strong, sharp hook to get through it. Buy brand new hooks for each halibut fishing trip. Once you catch a fish with a hook, don't re-use that hook — at least for halibut.

Halibut fishing can be a lot of fun, but it's not without its challenges. If you follow the tips above, you can thwart some of those challenges from the get-go.

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