Go Mutts With These Four Pet-Friendly Hotel Tips

Pet-friendly hotels make it easy to enjoy a vacation with your furry friend, but hotels typically have a set of rules guests must abide by during their stay. Knowing the requirements in advance can help ensure you and your precious pooch or friendly feline have a fabulous stay. While you should check with your hotel for specifics, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind before you book a room. 

Make Arrangements For Unattended Pets

A pet-friendly hotel will be happy to accommodate you and your cat or dog, but there may be rules about leaving your animal unattended in the room. If you plan on sightseeing or dining out without your pet, you might need to arrange for a pet sitter during your stay. Luxury hotels may be able to help you arrange these services, while more budget-friendly locations might not have the resources to assist you in your search. It's a good idea to research pet sitters in the area you'll be traveling to and book services in advance. You'll be able to enjoy your trip without worrying about your cat or dog being cared for while you take in the local sites.

Beware Of Size And Breed Restrictions

Hotel chains may have different restrictions about the sizes and types of pets allowed on their properties. Cats and dogs are generally allowed, though dogs over a set weight may be prohibited. Hotels can limit the breeds they allow as well, so owners of pit bulls, Doberman pinschers, and other similar breeds may want to check with the hotel ahead of time. Of course, owners of other small pets, such as rabbits, may find certain hotels able to accommodate their fluffy companions as well. 

Be Prepared For Pet Fees

Guests staying with pets may be charged a fee for their stay to cover the potential cost of damage to the room. Some fees are nominal and serve as a way to encourage guests to clean up after their pets, while others are more expensive. You may want to check with your hotel of choice to see if the pet fee you'll be charged is refundable. You may be able to get the money back if no damage, such as clawed furniture or carpet accidents, occurs. Some hotel chains do charge non-refundable fees for pets, so be prepared to spend this extra cash to ensure comfortable accommodations for your pet. 

Pamper Your Pet With Amenities

Staying at a pet-friendly hotel isn't just about following guidelines and restrictions. Some chains provide pets with a host of extra amenities, such as plush pet beds, snacks, and even dog walking services. Check with the front desk to see if welcome packages are available for canine and cat companions. These kits may include a lot of swag or a simple collection of guides to nearby dog parks and pet-friendly attractions. If your pet is the main focus of your travels, you may want to narrow down your hotel search by finding the location with the most luxurious pet amenities. 

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