4 Advantages When Staying At A Theme Park Hotel

When planning a theme park vacation, you must decide which hotel you want to stay at. Some of the larger theme parks in the United States offer lodging. When guests stay on theme park property, perks may be included as part of the stay. Learn how to make the most out of your vacation, save money, and enjoy the parks for longer.

1. Theme Park Transportation

When you stay at a theme park hotel, guests often do not need to rent a car or use their own form of transportation. A majority of the hotels, like a Universal Studios hotel, provide you with complimentary theme park transportation. Most hotels feature a shuttle bus service to each of the theme parks. On average, a shuttle bus will arrive every thirty minutes or so.

Some hotels also feature a water taxi service which transports guests through a quick boat ride. Many hotels also offer walking paths directly to the theme parks. You can reach many of the parks within less than twenty minutes. With the walking option, you can set your own schedule and do not need to wait for transportation.

2. Early Hour Access

Some theme parks offer early hours for guests who stay on the property. With early theme park access, you can get on rides faster, plan out a full day, and get more of the park in. The early hour access varies by park and day, but there is bound to be one option during your stay at the resort.

When you book your vacation, you can browse through a park calendar to find out all the details.

3. Express Passes

Certain parks, like Universal resorts, will give guests free express ride access. The express ride access allows you to skip lines and get on rides right away. With the express ride pass, you can cover a lot of the park in a single day and not miss out on some of the favorite rides you want to try.

When you book a room, check out the features and amenities to see what's included with the room.

4. Merchandise Purchases

When you purchase souvenirs like stuffed animals or clothes, it can become a hassle to carry them around all day. Thankfully, many hotels give you the opportunity to have items delivered directly to your room. The merchandise purchases you make will get delivered free of charge.

This allows you to shop and buy bulky items without the need to lug them around the whole park.

Along with the theme park advantages, many hotels include special events and features like swimming pools. If you're thinking of attending a theme park like Universal Studios, check out the Universal Studios Hotel.