Tips for Renting a Vacation Home Near Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach is one of the most-visited sites on Maui. If you are thinking of visiting Kaanapali Beach, one of your best options is to rent a vacation home. This gives you more freedom, and in many cases more amenities than you would enjoy if you were to stay in a hotel. Here are some tips for finding and renting a vacation home near Kaanapali Beach.

1. Start looking months in advance.

Since Hawaii enjoys nice weather all year long, there isn't much of a "slow season." Regardless of which time of year you visit, the demand for the nicest vacation homes will be high. If you want to have your choice of homes to rent, you need to start searching and booking early. Start your search about three months before you plan on visiting.

2. Look for a central spot.

Kaanapali Beach is about a three-mile stretch. If you want to be able to access most things on and around the beach by walking, then you will want to look for a vacation rental that's centrally located. This way, you can walk all the way from your rental to one end of the beach while only traversing three miles round-trip. Nothing will be so far away that you have to catch a cab or take the bus if you don't want to.

3. Find a rental with a lanai.

Lanais are outdoor living rooms. They're sort of like fancy patios, and they're pretty popular in Hawaii. Being able to hang out on your own lanai, sipping some coconut water or eating pineapple, will make your evenings and morning so much more relaxing. If you want the full cultural experience, consider prioritizing rental homes with lanais when searching for accommodations.

4. Don't worry if you don't have direct beach access.

Most of the beachfront on Kaanapali Beach is occupied by condos and hotels. This means there are only a few actual rental homes that have direct beach access. That's okay. Even the rentals that are a block or two away from the beachfront are lovely, and you can still get to the beach within five minutes. The streets and sidewalks in this area are really friendly and accessible, so there is no need to stay directly on the waterfront.

Follow the tips above, and you should have a great vacation experience on Maui. For more information, contact companies that have Kaanapali home rentals.