What To Look For A Beachside Hotel In Oregon

The Oregon coast has a lot to offer: beautiful beaches, fun shops where you can buy hand-painted and crafted items, and other glorious adventures that you can do nowhere else. You're excited about your upcoming stay on the southern Oregon coast, but you have one dilemma: finding a hotel to stay in.

Since the Oregon coast is host to many visitors a year, there are many hotels and beachfront houses to stay in so you have many options. This can be the problem: with so many places to choose from, how do you know which hotel is the best? Use this guide to help narrow down your choices and find the best places to stay on the southern Oregon coast.

Lodging fees

Oregon doesn't have a state tax, but they do have a hotel tax, which can vary depending on the hotel you choose. Before you book a room at a cheaper hotel, ask what the hotel and lodging tax is since your rate can actually be much higher than you anticipate. While the hotel tax may not fluctuate much from one hotel to the next, you should know what this percentage is so you can budget accordingly and choose the best hotel based on price.

Included amenities

Do you want a hotel that has an indoor pool, workout room, and other amenities? Are you wishing to book at a hotel that offers a continental breakfast or that is attached to a bar or restaurant where you can get discounted drinks or meals? Ask about a hotel's amenities before you book so that you get your money's worth when you check in.

Some beachfront hotels feature driving services as well and will have a hotel taxi or other transportation service either included in your hotel rate or for a smaller fee. If you don't want to drive around to your travel destinations, choose a hotel that has this feature.

Nearby entertainment

While the beach is one reason to stay at a hotel in Oregon, it's not the only perk at staying in a hotel that is near the coast. You should book at a hotel that has many local shops and other entertainment venues nearby, so you have access to all the things your southern Oregon coast hotel has to offer. Your hotel front desk staff will be able to show you fun places you can go that are either within walking distance or a short drive away.