Four Reasons To Hold Your Wedding At A Hotel

As you search for potential wedding venues, you will encounter a number of different types of sites, such as restaurants, wineries, community centers, and religious buildings. However, holding your wedding at a hotel has a distinct advantages not offered by other prospective locales. Hotels frequently have multiple elegant spots that you can use for your wedding. Here are a few reasons you should choose a hotel to host your wedding festivities.

1. You Can Hold Your Ceremony and Reception at the Same Spot

You want your wedding day to go as smoothly as possible; one way to do so is to hold your ceremony and reception at the some spot. Many couples use decor from their ceremonies at their receptions (such as floral arrangements or balloon arches). By holding all of your festivities in one location, you will only have to worry about transporting fragile decorations a few feet instead of a few miles. 

Some guests who attend your wedding may be from out-of-town and unfamiliar with the area. Even a short drive from the ceremony spot to the reception venue can be tricky for visiting guests. By keeping both events at the same venue, you don't have to worry about guests getting lost during the commute and potentially arriving late to the reception. 

2. There is No Traveling Required After the Reception

It is important to take steps to minimize any stress related to your wedding day. When your reception comes to a close, remove the stress of traveling to wedding accommodations by spending the night at the hotel's honeymoon suite. You don't have to worry about making the drive at a late hour or fighting tiredness to get home safely. Just take the elevator, and you are at your room within minutes.

3. Your Guests Can Stay On-Site 

Many guests will find it convenient to book their hotel rooms at the some location as your wedding. Some hotels even offer discounted rates to guests who are attending on-site weddings.

A number of couples choose to serve some type of alcohol at their reception. If guests over-imbibe, you may have concerns about how they will get home. Instead of having to call a ride sharing service or a taxi to take them home, you can just direct tiddly guests to their hotel rooms.

4. Many Hotels Partner with Top Wedding Vendors

Many hotels have partnerships with top wedding vendors. These vendors are wedding professionals that the hotel knows are reputable, experienced, and professional with their operations. If you are worried about hiring an inexperienced vendor, your hotel can likely provide you with a list of recommended vendors that have proven to be great choices. Some vendors may even offer a discount or perks due to their partnership with the hotel.