3 Birthday Gift Ideas For The Guy In Your Life Who Loves The Outdoors

If the guy in your life enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors but doesn't get the chance to do so as often as he likes, consider gifting him with an adventurous experience for his birthday. Here are three awesome options that just may be up your man's alley:

A Pheasant Hunting Trip

If the man in your life enjoys hunting or has shown an interest in trying it, consider planning a guided pheasant hunting trip for them. This will give them an opportunity to try something different with the help of experts who can teach him effective techniques and methods that he can use on future hunting trips alone or with his friends. Pack him a special picnic lunch that features his favorite type of sandwich, a homemade cookie or brownie, and a short handwritten note expressing your appreciation for him and wishing him a happy birthday so he'll think of you on his trip. Contact a company like Ring Necks Hunting Lodge for more info on organizing a pheasant hunting trip.

A Romantic Weekend Camping Getaway

Why not enjoy the outdoors together by spending a romantic weekend camping in the woods? Spend a few days choosing a private yet convenient place to pitch a tent near hiking trails and swimming holes if possible so you have plenty of things to do. Plan a meal plan that's tasty yet easy to prepare so you don't have to spend a lot of your time focusing on food while you camp. Bring along few candles or flickering lanterns and some silk sheets and pillowcases so you can create a luxurious and romantic atmosphere inside the tent.

A Speedboat Rental

Give your man an opportunity to spend some quality time with his friends by renting him a speedboat for the day. Pack a cooler full of beverages and snacks, give him a gift certificate for fishing gear at a store near the marina where he'll be picking up the boat, and send him on his way for a day filled with fun in the sun. Hopefully, he'll get lucky and bring back some fish for you to prepare for dinner. Licenses for fishing and driving the boat may be needed, so you might have to come clean and tell him about his surprise beforehand so he has time to apply for the licenses before the big day.

These gift ideas are sure to put a smile on your man's face and provide him with memorable experiences that he'll enjoy for a lifetime.