Make These Confirmations When You Choose A Hotel Loyalty Program

If you travel and stay in hotels frequently, it's a good idea to sign up for a particular brand's loyalty program and frequent that brand's hotels as much as possible. With each stay, you'll accumulate points that you can redeem for free nights in the future, as well as enjoy specific benefits such as late checkout, complimentary high-speed Internet and more. When you're trying to decide which hotel brand's loyalty program to sign up with, it's advantageous to take some time to check out all the benefits you can receive from each different program, given that they range slightly. Before you make your decision, you should also confirm the following things.

Potential Expiration Of Points

The last thing you want to do is collect thousands of points, only to have them expire before you have the chance to redeem them for a free hotel stay. It's important to confirm that your points won't expire before you sign up for the loyalty program. Some loyalty programs' points do expire after a certain amount of time or inactivity on your account, but programs' points do not ever expire. In many cases, you'll need to have one qualifying night's stay per year to keep the points active so that you can use them in the future. Knowing all these details before you sign up will help you pick the loyalty program that is best for you.

Associated Credit Card

Many hotel loyalty programs give you the option of applying for a credit card that is connected to your account. This means that when you use the card anywhere, whether it's buying groceries, booking airfare or shopping online, you'll be accumulating reward points that you can use with the points earned during hotel visits to eventually qualify for free nights at any of the hotel brand's properties. This is ideal for people who want to quickly accumulate points for future hotel visits.

Loyalty Program Partnerships

While you may be focused on the idea of using the points that you collect to earn free accommodations at hotels in the future, it's also worthwhile to see if the loyalty program has partnerships with other organizations. In some cases, hotel brands will link up with other travel-related brands, giving their loyalty program members a chance to redeem points for rental cars and other such travel-related expenses, for example. Depending on the different brands that act as partners, confirming this detail can help you save money in a variety of ways.

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