3 Easy Ways To Cut Waste At Your Complementary Hotel Breakfast Bar

If you want to attract guests to your hotel, there is no secret that making sure breakfast is included with every stay is one of the simplest marketing tactics you can use. However, implementing a complementary breakfast bar in your place of business does not come without costs. To ensure that your hotel's breakfast offering does not end up costing you more than it is worth, you have to limit the amount of food waste. Here are a few easy ways to ensure there is little waste with the breakfast bar at your hotel.  

Go for single-serving cereal bowls instead of large cereal dispensers. 

If you set up a huge cereal dispenser at the breakfast bar, there is a good chance people will fill their bowls as much as possible before heading back to their room or having a seat, but a lot of this cereal will just get tossed in the trash. Single-serving bowls hold just enough cereal for a serving, which is most often all that one individual will eat in one sitting. While it is easy to assume that buying bulk cereal will cut costs, there is too much waste involved for this to be a feasible option financially. 

Don't display large quantities of pastries and breakfast rolls at one time. 

If part of your complementary breakfast will include pastries, like cinnamon rolls or doughnuts, avoid filling an entire tray and placing it in a display case. As your guests pick and choose over what they want, some rolls will end up getting touched, which will make them more likely to end up in the trash. If you can, offer individually-wrapped pastries and rolls. If not, only put out a few pastries at a time and refill as often as necessary. 

Make only small disposable cups available.

While it may seem like a nice gesture to set out large disposable cups for your guests to fill with free coffee, orange juice, or milk, it is better to just stick with small serving cups instead. You do not want to present the possibility for a lot of dispensed beverages which never get consumed. Your guests can always refill as necessary. 

In the end, offering breakfast as part of guest's stay is an ideal way to garner more visitors. If you want help with food and beverage services in your hotel, get in touch with a food and beverage management company like D&G Hospitality for advice.